I am pissed at Ready Shipping WorldWide Shipping Network and Cross Country Vanlines LLC.

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I hired Ready Shipping WorldWide Shipping Network to ship my belongings from Tempe Arizona to Honolulu, Hawaii on July 24,2009 thorough internet moving companies. The company was aggressively to contact me and submit very interesting price estimate at $2358.12 including $200 insurance fee. So, I decided to hire this company and the first sales representative name was Yulia who was a lady. She disorganized all the process after I signed up for the estimate. She did not even tell me the driver's name and when they pick my items in Arizona after I left for Hawaii. She did not tell the driver how I would pay the balance.e.t.c. On the moving day, the driver called me at 4 am in Hawaii directly and tried to find out how I would pay for it. At the same time, I requested to insure my item and I paid $200 insurance fee that will cover $5000 damage and loss. They did not even send me the valuable listing form for the insurance and I requested I could not open the file so, sent it to me again. But they did not do it.

Two weeks later, Raffael who was a man from Cross Country Vanlines LLC called me to pay overweight fee that they found out my items were overweight. They charged me suddenly $700.33. I could not agree with unknown charge. So, I asked my friends and they suggested me to request them to explain to me the detail of charge. They sent me the weight and fee via e-mail. However, I confirmed Yulia if there would be overweight charged occured after I paid all the balance from the first estimate. Then she mentioned that it would not be happened. I confirmed her several times. She said that's why we kept asking your items' weight. They did not even send me a person to measure the weight so, I measured boxes and sent them the list and I gave them my furniture pictures. I thought they were expert to estimate these home furniture weight. But they were not absolutely. They took my items as hostage until I paid the balance. But my friend disputed them to pay from $700.33 to $500. However, they arranged to unload my items on October 3rd, 2009.

When the moving company came to my new home in Honolulu, they required me to pay them $500 by cash advanced and signed the receipt even before I checked my all items were unloaded. After they started unloaded, I noticed that there were my luxury items were missing. Brand new golf bag worth $1400, Sharp Flat TV with DVD player $600, Night ramp $400 and designer's clothes box . Immediately I called the agent at World Wide Network who is vice president, he sounded like annoyance. He mentioned that he would tell the person who is in charge of this situation and sent me a claim form on Monday, October 5, 2009. Michael De Bennetto ( who is a reps at Cross Country Van Lines LLC) sent me a claim form. Since I submitted the claim form, I kept contacting them to report me updated information. They have ignored me to do it and almost two months later, it was November 24, 2009 after I mentioned them I would take a legal action if they would not talk to me by Dec.1, 2009, they sent me a letter and check that is only worth $300. The letter said that they would refund the insurance fee and the loss caliculated $.60 per pound and your loss items's weight was 176 pound.

I am very angry at this company and also I did not even contract with Cross Country Van Lines LLC and I have never heard they would calculate my items by $.60 per pound to reimburse the damage and missing items. They did not even give me the instruction. Only they gave me the terms and condition issued by Executive Service Insurance company. After I found out they refunded me the insurance fee and I talked a lawyer about it. The lawyer suggested me to contact the insurance company if they insure my items or not. The insurance company said they did not insure my items because my name was not found in their list. If I did not claim my missing items, WorldWide Shipping Network and Cross Country VanLines LLC did not tell me my items were not insured even now they did not accept they did not insure my items. They just refund my insurance fee without any explanation. So, I sent a letter to explain to me everything why it happened by certificated letter. But they have not contacted me at all. I wonder they would keep ignoring me until the check will be expired within 90 days since they issued. They took advantage that I already paid and they would not think I would sue them regarding this issue.

At least I need to get my lost items or at least they would reimburse how much they lost my items valued. I would not compromise what they have done to me. I am very very angry how they treated me. They kept ignoring and I donot understand how come the US government did not suspend these moving company they made fraud.

In BBB website, I found World Wide Shipping Network is A ranking but it was not.

WorldWide Shipping Network hired the following companies to handle my shipping from Arizona to Hawaii.

Cross Country Van Lines LLC and Executive Service Insurance were C ranking. West Point Relocation that unloaded my items in Hawaii was F ranking. If I would know all the company would get involved in my moving from Arizona to Hawaii, I would never ever hire World Wide Shipping Network. After all the issues came out, I requested WorldWide Shipping Network to explain to me how many companies and what companies got involved in my moving. They ignored me. They said they could not tell me about it. This company is dishonest and shouldnot be ranked A in the BBB.

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Cross Country Van Lines is not a reputable company as you suggest.In fact, the U.S.

Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration assessed penalties for multiple violations of Federal Motor Carrier Commercial Regulations against CROSS COUNTRY VAN LINES. The company was cited and fined $7, 500 for failing to follow loss and damage claims procedures; failing to provide a summary of its complaint and inquiry program and a summary of its dispute settlement program; failing to prepare orders for service in the prescribed form and manner; failing to prepare bills of lading in the prescribed form and manner; and failing to obtain weight tickets in the prescribed form and manner. Not only that, as of Feb 2010 Better Business Bureau (BBB) files indicate CROSS COUNTRY VAN LINES has a rating of “F” on a scale from A+ to F. This is the LOWEST RATING BY BBB.

The grade represents BBB’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns filled with BBB. In other words this company is NOT CONSIDERED TRUSTWORTHY! The Reasons for this rating include: 117 complaints filed against the business, 3 complaints filed against the business that were not resolved, and a failure to respond to 4 complaints filed against the business in the last 36 months.

Who wants to do business with a company like that?:(

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